Sunfire Golden Retrievers, from Suffield, Connecticut

Our Dogs



Sunfire's Glittering Stream Goldie K9Data
Lives with the Durham family
Sunfire Casanova Indigo Bunting CCA Indigo K9Data
Lives with Lorraine Cannata in retirement
Sunfire's Loaded Kimber Kimber K9Data
Lives with Stew Sill
Stormwynd Sunfire Eternal Flame OD Flame K9Data
Owned with Barbara Heesemann; retired with Sahara
Sunfire's Clorox Bright CCA OD Chloe K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Lives with Freya Stein
Sunfire's Tuppence Feed the Birds Maggie K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Owned with Suzanne Trueblood
Sunfire's Practically Perfect Poppins K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Owned with Demi Osborn; retired
Sunfire Ready To Launch JH CDX WC CCA Can. CDX Rocket K9Data
Owned with Nancy Droukas; Lives with Rick & Robin Tillotson
Sunfire's Ten Gauge Side by Side JH CCA Daly K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Owned with Mark Kulwich
Sunfire Mt Rainier of the Cascades Rainey K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Owned by Corinne Dumais
Sunfire's Ranaqua Sum of the Parts Summer K9Data
Lives with Joan McKenzie
Sunfire's Kai CDX Kai K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Lives with Heidi Guay & family
Sunfire's Goodness Gracious Gracie K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Owned with Anne Harvey

Main Dogs

Sunfire's Hustler UD RA MH MX MXJ XF CCA WCX VCX Fast Eddy Felson K9Data
Owned with Claudette Beaulieu
Sunfire's Desert Towhee CDX NA CCA RN CGC OD Towhee K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Owned with Sharon Cavanaugh
HR Sunfire's Stillwater Pond SH CCA CGC WCX Gladys K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Owned with Dawn Shewchuk
Sunfire What's the Buzz UD OM1 VER GN GO JH WCX CCA U-CD Can. CD Buzz K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Titles earned by Judy Askew
UKC CH Sunfire's The Immortal Gene CD CCA Can. Ptd Genie K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Sunfire's Long Hot Summer MH WCX CDX CCA RN CGC Can. CDX Ben K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Previously owned by Claire Harnick
Sunfire's Trust My Imagination MaeMae K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Owned with Demi Osborn
Sunfire's Let the Sparks Fly Sparks K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Lives with John Hull
Sunfire's Babbling Brook Brook K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Sunfire's Same River Twice CCA River K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Lives with Christine Dumais
Sunfire's Northern Lights CCA Aurora K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Lives with Courtney Dumais
Sunfire's Rockaway Beach Tweedledeedee Ramone JH RN CCA CGC DeeDee K9Data
Owned by Dawn Shechuck (co-leased by Sunfire 3/1 - 8/31/16
UKC CH Sunfire Only Thunders When It Rains JH CD WC CCA Can. CD & Ptd Thor K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Sunfire's Nothin But Trouble JH Trouble K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Owned with Chuck Ward
Sunfire's The Theory of the Universe Bang K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Sunfire's Hombre JH RN John Russell K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Owned with Jon Powers & Michele LaBlanche
Sunfire's Memory of Casanova CGC Cassie K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Lives with Rhae Kennedy
Sunfire's Blue-Winged Teal Teal (aka Twill) K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Owned with Demi Osborn
Sunfire's Glorious Dawn Glory K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Lives with Mike & Grace Wollert
Sunfire's Spring Ahead Spring K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Cheerio's Orange Blossom Special Blossom K9Data
Bred & previously owned by Wendy Biewer
Sunfire's Early Warning System Scout K9Data[PDF]Pedigree
Owned with Mark Kulwich
Sunfire's Heat Wave JH Jet K9Data[PDF]Pedigree

Up and Coming Youngsters

Sunfire's Galapagos Finch Finch[PDF]Pedigree
Owned with Sharon Cavanaugh
Sunfire's Mountain Jewel Gem
Owned with Mary Couture
Sunfire's Wicked Comeback Knox
Owned with Laurel Mader
Sunfire's Thundercloud Max
Sunfire's Mountain Alpenglow Skye
Owned with Laura Canty


Tanya du Shanka WC CD OD Can. CD Tanya K9Data
Sunshine Lollipop UD WCX Can. CDX Sunshine K9Data
Sunfire's Torchlight Moriah UD WCX Can. UD WC Moriah K9Data
••Sunfire's Kinetic Cascade MH UD WCX OD Can. UD WCX Cascade K9Data
Sunfire's Kinetic Ruffian CD WC Ruffian K9Data
Owned with Sue Simmons
Am./Can. CH Clark's Easter Bonnet UD WCX OD Can. CDX WC Bonnie K9Data
Owned with Sydney Waller
Can. CH Sunfire's Kinetic Dynamite JH UD WCX OD Can. UD WCI Dynamite K9Data
Sunfire's Clark Pie in the Sky JH CDX WCX Dream K9Data
Can. CH Sunfire's Clark Skyjacker JH CDX WCX Can. CDX Jack K9Data
Sunfire's Dashing Rapids SH Am./Can. CDX WCX OD Dash K9Data
Lived with Mark Kulwich
Sunfire's Rip Tide MH CD WCX Can. CD Tide K9Data
Am./Can. CH Comstock Sunfire O'Hillcrest UDT MH WCX VCX OD Can. CDX WC Ritz K9Data
Owned with Kathy Eddy
••Sunfire's Highland Crisp JH CDX WCX Can. CDX Crispie K9Data
Owned with Arline Buchanan
Sunfire's Buck's Lifebuoy MH CD WCX Can. CD WCI Zest K9Data
Am./Can. CH Clark Sunfire's Bullseye JH CDX WCX OS Can. CDX WCI Winchester K9Data
Owned with Sydney Waller
Sunfire's the Devil's Dew JH WC Dewey K9Data
Sunfire's Bold Lucifer SH CD WCX OS Luke K9Data
Sunfire's Heavenly Hash JH WC Sundae K9Data
Sunfire's Jet Stream Jet K9Data
Sunfire's Cracklin Storm Am./Can. CD OD Stormy K9Data
Sunfire's Cracklin Livewire JH CD WC Zap K9Data
Deblen Sunfire Big Sky JH CD OD Montana K9Data
••Sunfire's Autumn Blaze SH WCX OD Blaze K9Data
Owned with Mark Kulwich
Sunfire's Sandcastles JH WC OD Lizzie K9Data
Sunfire's Clark Banana Split Costa K9Data
Owned with Danelle Weatherwax
••Sunfire's Hot Toppings CDX WC Can. CD Jimi K9Data
Owned with Wade Glenn, then Sue Simmons
Sunfire's Big Bad Leroy Brown JH CD WC Leroy K9Data
••Sunfires Christmas Blitz Blitzen K9Data
Owned with Gwenyth Stone
Sunfire's Heavenly Rainbow JH WC Rainbow K9Data
Sunfire's Topnotch Puddleduck CD Puddles K9Data
Owned with George Christman
Sunfire's Crystalite Skyfire JH CD WC OD CGC Sky K9Data
Sunfire's Heaven Scent JH WC Ruby K9Data
Sunfire's Geronimo SH CD WCX OS Geri K9Data
Sunfire's Joyful Sprite Joy K9Data
Owned with Lees
Sunfire's Highland Fling SH Lark K9Data
Owned with Arline Buchanan
••Sunfire's Mighty Dove SH WCX OD Dove K9Data
Sunfire's Too Hot To Handle OD Bounce K9Data
Sunfire's Cheerio Eye of Storm Twister K9Data
Owned with Wendy Biewer
Sunfire's Red Baron JH WCX Ace K9Data
Sunfire's Shooting Star JH WCX Star K9Data
Owned with Mark Kulwich
Sunfire's Magic Rug Magic K9Data
Owned with Claudette Beaulieu
Sunfire's Energizer Bunny Bunny K9Data
Owned with Ann Harvey
Sunfire's Sandpiper Piper K9Data
Sunfire's Quicksand JH WC Speedy K9Data
Sunfire's Flying High CD CGC CCA OS Duke K9Data
Sunfire Leroy's Littlest Angel Angel K9Data
Lived with Charlotte Simmons
••Sunfire's Topnotch Swamp Dawg Georgia K9Data
Lived with Hank Durham
Sunfire's Sugar Pumpkin CCA OD Phoebe K9Data
Sunfire Redsky Sunny Delight CGC OD Sunny K9Data
Sunfire's In the Arms of Angels CGC Belle K9Data
Sunfire's Heaven Can Wait Heaven K9Data
Lived with pet home
••Sunfire Naughty Angel JH CCA Angel II K9Data
Owned with Mark Kulwich
••Sunfire's Rainier Lux OD Lux K9Data
Lived with Susan Stewart
Sunfire's More Bounce Per Ounce OD BabyBounce K9Data
Lived with Rita Bosch
Sunfire's Rocky MT Chickadee OD Chickie K9Data
Sunfire's XX Irish Spring Crash K9Data
Sunfire's Lilly of the Valley Belle K9Data
Owned with Bill Brownstein
Sunfire's Moonlight River CD CGC CCA Mississippi K9Data
Sunfire's Chiricahua Apache CCA Chiri K9Data
••Sunfire's Chim Chim Cher-ee OD Shimmer K9Data
Lived with Kerrie Rohrbacher
Sunfire's Gotta Getta Gund Gund K9Data
Sunfire's Rodeo Cowgirl Rodeo K9Data
Lived with Paul Cypher
Sunfire's Solar Wind OD CD CGC CCA Can. CD Breeze K9Data
Sunfire Put A Litl Joy In Life Joy K9Data
Lived with Charlotte Simmons
Sunfire's Autumn Sky JH CCA OD Sky II K9Data
Owned with Mark Kulwich
Sunfire's Enchanted Bayou Louisiana aka Anna K9Data
Lived with Amy Sorenson & Family 2010 - 2014
Owned with Claudette Beaulieu
Sunfire Casanova Alligator Alley CCA Alley K9Data
Lived with Grace & Mike Wollert
Casanova Ready Aim Fire JH CDX WC CCA Can. CDX Ammo K9Data
Lived with Tim & Karen Bowman in retirement
Sunfire's Bouncing Rockette Rockette K9Data
Sunfire's Echo Of Cascade Echo K9Data
Retired with McDonough family (now called Lily)
Sunfire's Causing A Ripple Ripple K9Data
Sunfire Casanova's Full Throttle CCA CD Can. CD Can. Ptd Champ K9Data
Cheerio's On A Sailing Adventure CD CCA Flare K9Data
Lives with Lynne OBrien. Was owned by Wendy Biewer
Sunfire's Wet Your Whistle Cheer K9Data[PDF]Pedigree

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